Father Christmas in our kindergarten


Father Christmas in our kindergarten

17.12.2015 This day in afternoon will visit our kindergarten father Christmas, which will bring for all our good children a lot of presents. Just after the lunchtime sleep and leating we will wait for magic belltwhich will invite children to playroom where will be prepared our christmas tree and all the presents. For the parents will be prepared cofee, christmas biscuites. We all together will sing our christmas song and slowly open all the presents. We all including the teachers are forward looking to meet the christmas father again.

Visit of devil and Mikulas

3.12.2015 10:00 In this day in the morning will visit all our children devil and Mikulas. Because all our children are very good they don’t have to be afraid. Mikuláš will bring for them bags of fruit and sweets and the children will sing for them some nice Christmas song. If there will be any child that would be afraid we will hold him tight in our arms.

Christmas tree lighting

27.11.2015 This in late afternoon Bambi Kindergarten will be switching on our Christmas tree with live music and refreshments including, Hot drinks, Snacks, sausages over the fire, Cakes and biscuits plus small activities inclusion of children with the parents. We invite all the children, parents, grandparents and local public this wonderful event. It begins at 4pm with the lighting of the tree at 5pm. We look forward to looking to see you all.

Week for good health

19.11.2015 This week we were talking with children about corect brushing tuuth, healthy food and healtyh care. In the morning we brought on Elipsa our tuthbrushes and we were training together how we supose to brush our tuth and we were also trying to  see how long we supose to brush our tooth. We also bought a lot of vegetables and fruit and the children was training to say what exactly is vegetable and what is fruit. We also lerned new song this is the way I brush my tooth.

Day with kite

On thuesday 10.11.2015 we decided to take the children to the field behind town to enjoy the autum funn. The weather was this time very nice (it was our second termin) so so soon we arrived we started all the work.

Teacher Helena brought by car the wood, kite and sousages. Children satred to help to set the fire and others could not wait to let the kite fly in the sky. After firs difficulties the kite took of and the children were happy to see him in the air. In between teachers Lenka and Helena prepared sousages on the fire so the children  had tasty sousage as well. We really enjoyed beautifull morning in nature and hope that next year would be kite flying againJ